Project Managers and Commissioning Software


Global Resource Solutions is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of its popular and functional Commissioning and Operations Readiness System - CORS.


The latest version simplifies many mundane tasks and gives CORS added versatility to assist Project Managers and Commissioning personnel the security and knowledge that the plant operates within specified parameters, all tests passed and ready for handover to the Operations team.


CORS popularity increases as people look for an alternative to the cumbersome competitors. Its functionality makes it suitable for any construction project, be it sustaining capital works, or greenfield building and plant construction or modernization.


CORS has been utilized for projects across all sectors of industry, including Building and High Rise construction, commercial building, power plants, complex plant processes involving heavy equipment, mobile equipment, mechanical and electrical systems. CORS delivers through each phase of the commissioning process, with involvement from the early days of project planning, through mechanical completion, dry and wet commisioning, through to handover to operations.



Simplified Setup Procedure 


A simplified setup procedure which allows for the configuration of databases within cloud-based storage and handheld devices allowing synchronization with the main database allows for instantaneous update and progress status checks.



Ready to use Test Sheets 


With a set of ready-made, ready to use Test Sheets (some 600 usable and proven test sheets) the process of establishing test packs and handover packs makes life a little easier for Operations personnel, ensuring they receive a fully completed and tested plant!